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Notes from our Customers:


Wow! Wow! Wow!! 

The porch is spectacular- we love it!!! What a great job you did!!!

And, the steps are perfect!!!

We love everything!!

Thank you!!!



Thank you Joe!

 Both Doug and Paul did a great job! They're Excellent carpenters!

Very happy and will get payment right out to you.

Thank you, 


Hey Joe - the work came out great, looks really good. Are you on yelp so I can write a review for you?



Thanks for the good work Joe. – Matt



Thank you for sending people so quickly, They did a great job and were so courteous. I really appreciate it.


Hi Joe,

The ceiling in the playroom still needs a bit more paint.  Other than that, everything is awesome!  Your crew is the best ?  Let me know when you will be stopping by.

Thank you so much,



Thanks Joe - I agree it is looking great.  Couldn't be happier.  I've said

this before but if anyone along the way needs to talk to a previous customer

and get a reference, I would be more than happy to do so.

Thanks again, Steve


Hey Joe,

Now that I think of it, you weren't here when the guys wrapped up on the final day. Just want to say thanks for a job very well done. Everything looks great and we're super happy with the product. The guys were all super nice and easy to talk to. Thanks again for accommodating our few changes throughout and for a job very well done. 

Thank you,



Awesome! Thank you.  You guys are the best.  We love how the basement came out. Thanks, Dan


Dear Joe,  thank you so much for your generosity to me at a time you must be super busy.   We are surrounded by kindness and empathy from so many people we come in contact with.  Have a good summer with some time for yourself somewhere, and we won’t forget you.  All the best, Ann.



In and done.  Looks beautiful.  you were right I was in good hands.

Get me a bill.  



Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for everything. We are very happy with all the work you did. And for hanging in there for all the extra work we ran into. I am sure that's not uncommon but you did a great job managing this with us.

Thanks again!



Thank you for another great job. – Ken


Hi Joe, 

Yes,  we're happy with the work the guys did yesterday.  Thanks so much!





It was a beautiful job. We're very happy with the work, and also with how careful the men were while they were working. - Kenneth



First I want to say thank you for all your crews hard work. Your guys show up early and on time everyday and I know first hand how difficult a task that is. Once they arrive they get right to work and complete whatever task they have at hand. I know I’m not telling you anything but they are really great men that you have as employees. Thank you, Michael
Thanks Joe!


Your team was great! –Jack


Thank you Joseph, I am so happy with your work. Have a great day. John.



Thanks for everything.  The guys did a great job.

It has been great working with you.  You are very professional and efficient.  I know that yours will be the first number I will call for home improvements. 

Thanks again,




Yes, that is okay.  Your concern is much appreciated.  The back looks great.



Hi Joe,

Thanks so much!

Everything looks great!

We appreciate you fitting us in, as well as your expertise and professionalism. 

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!


Beth and Steve



Bathroom looks great! Your guys do excellent work!  




Joe, we finally fished painting the basement. Jen and I wanted to thank you and the guys for an amazing job, again! We have started putting things back together, waiting for the new couch. We will send a couple pics when done.

Thanks agai!


Hi Joe.  Yes, I love it.  You all did a great job and I've been enjoying it. 




Thanks Joe. Everything looks great. We’ve done a lot of projects since we bought the house and you and your guys have by far been the best/easiest to work with. It’s much appreciated.




Hi Joe,
We can't thank you and the crew enough for taking the time out of your day to do such a pain-in-the -neck job!  Not only does it give us access to the room for cleaning and rearranging; -it has gotten us un-stuck on the next step on the project.  
I'll keep you posted on our progress.


Joe - 

Thank you and the guys for doing an awesome job - much appreciated, esp all the little things they did.  It did turn out great!

Paul & Elaine


Joe everything looks amazing and I am very happy with the work your team performed. I wish I was there to thank them in person before they left. 

My wife said Doug told her that they took some pictures of what they did around the window on top of the porch. Could you forward those?

Again, great job.

Thanks so much, 




Thanks to you and the guys for all the hard work. The deck looks great.

Thanks again,



Hi Joe,

 Yes, the closet looks really good.   We lucked out, the 2x4”s ended up being 2x6” so we gained so additional depth.  The garage trim came out really well too.  


Patty & Bill


Hi Joe,

I absolutely love it!  Its exactly the look I wanted.  Thank you so much  



Hi Joe,

I wanted to thank you again for the several jobs you’ve done for us here. I really appreciate how reliable and skilled your team is and am thankful that we crossed paths while here in Westford.

Best wishes to you and your team,



Hi Joe,

Everyone did a fine job. It was a pleasure to walk into the shed after all the work was done. It's almost a shame to fill it up again with all of our gardening supplies and equipment.

Take care, Joe

Thanks Joe. You were great.


Sue & Pat


Hi Joe,
After a controversial string of rants on the Westford Facebook page, someone suggested that everyone should write a positive message; -mentioning something that was good about the day. It made me smile, so I decided to share:
The long-awaited rear deck is now a reality! Our thanks to Joe's Handyman & Remodeling for creating an area much nicer than we had expected. Now there is easy-access and a nice outside living area to enjoy the flowers and the birds
We can't thank you enough for squeezing the project into your schedule; -and for your design suggestion, etc.  It's fantastic!   I will have some questions down the road about when to stain, etc.
Stay well..


Hi Joe, 

Thanks so much for helping us get this repair figured out and taken care of! I will let you know how things go next time we get some heavy rain (which I hope we get soon, still so dry....)

Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Sue and Rich 


Hi Joe,

Yes we were very pleased with the work, thanks.  Paul and Doug were great.

Best Laura


    We are very happy with the job. And I hope we find another opportunity to use you again.




I am very happy with the quality and the speedy completion of the job. 

You've been added to our "speed dial/email" list! 

Thanks Again!



Hi Joe,

Your guys were great.  I think you're fortunate to have them working with you.

Look forward to getting the rest of the work done.